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A New Poll: Does Your Company Really Care about Customer Experience?

Does Your Company Really Care about Customer Experience?#Customers #CX #CustomerExperience #CustomerService #CustServ #custexp #marketing — IBSO (@Interstandards) August 19, 2017

Sustainability Reporting: Why Bother?

Let’s be honest: Most corporate sustainability reports are not read carefully, if they are read at all. So, why bother? At Domtar, our CEO, John D. Williams, got to the heart of this question in his introduction

Social good meets business strategy: Putting your signature on CSR

After eight months of trying, I finally sold my house. In real estate, it is often said that the three most important factors are location, location, location. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) professionals should take note of that

Why Social Impact is Business Currency

Social Impact is Business Currency Social impact is at the very core of what we stand for and the work we do, and we are passionate about it! We work hard to create social impact programs for

Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce Stats: USA & UK Are Leading

The Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce is a free of charge global initiative of the International Business Standards Organization that allows for entrepreneurs and organizations to proclaim the commitment to sustainable and positive business practices. Since the official

The 3S Awards: A Recognition Of Your Values Based Leadership

Interview with Angeline Judex, Executive Director of the Global Sourcing Council “3S” Sustainable and Socially Responsible Sourcing Awards, a program honoring the best initiatives for global sustainable development, social responsibility, ethical and ecological business practices. The increased

Is Social Entrepreneurship Really Social?

Being a co-founder of a broadcasting company which believes in the highest possible degree of ethical standards in conducting business, I see a lot of honest entrepreneurs being unjustly labelled as unsocial, whereas, this is often hardly

Three Levels of Ethical Standards in a Business Organization

The ethical standards of a business are a key factor in how that business is defined. A business’s reputation impacts its customers, employees, potential for growth and overall success. A business organization that exemplifies integrity in its

The Social Business World: nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something

  Interview with Michele Paolini, Co-founder of Social Business World, a first-ever social network for Socially Minded Individuals & Entrepreneurs. What is your social network for Socially Minded Individuals & Entrepreneurs and how does it work? It