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How to Skyrocket Your Kickstarter Campaign

Get Overfunded in 6 Steps Entrepreneurs all over the world face an inherent problem when it comes to attracting funds – it’s difficult. Luckily, crowdfunding is one viable alternative to bank loans, angel investors or venture capitalists.

One year on from Brexit – a timeline of everything that’s happened

Friday 23 June 2017 marks the 1-year anniversary of the EU membership referendum in which 52% of the voting public suggested to parliament that the UK leave the EU. That suggestion has since been taken on by

What Does Blockchain Mean for Small Businesses?

How Blockchain Can Change the Way We Do Business. If you have ever felt overwhelmed by the speed with which the world is changing, you are certainly not alone. The amount of news and information we are

What is Blockchain Technology? A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

An in-depth guide by BlockGeeks Is blockchain technology the new internet? The blockchain is an undeniably ingenious invention – the brainchild of a person or group of people known by the pseudonym,  Satoshi Nakamoto. But since then,

Fintech. What Does It Mean?

The world of fintech is littered with its own terminology. We explain some of the more widely used terms. Fintech Broadly speaking, fintech is a generic term used to denote either innovative financial technologies themselves or start-up

Four Global Investment Themes for 2017

The Investment Institute at Wells Fargo offers investors a handful of key themes to keep an eye on this year.  If there’s one lesson high-net-worth investors can take from 2016, it’s that they need to look past

20 Tips to Avoid Startup Failure

The business world is full of surprises. New ideas are developed into successful businesses every day, while others fail to establish a competitive position in the market and gain market share. Behind both success and failure there

CSR Europe to launch new project on tax transparency and responsible tax behaviour

CSR Europe is reinforcing its work on governance and accountability through a new work stream on tax and responsible tax behaviour. This development stems from the expert roundtable that CSR Europe hosted successfully on September 27-28 in

Investing 101: Socially Responsible Investing – Can You Make a Difference?

Investing:  [verb] confusing process involving magic and midwifery, in which your money is swept away today with the hopes of producing more money in the future. See related terms: dreams, confusion, fees, retirement, and future. What you’ll