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This Week in Digital – 29.09.2017



This week, Twitter announced it was launching a trial regarding its famous 140-character limit on text posts. For a small set of users, the limit has been increased to 280 characters reflecting the frustration felt by many users around the world of trying to fit their content in a small limit.

The original character limit was based on the old text messages limit of 160 characters. The only languages not being trialled are Japanese, Chinese and Korean as the brand say these languages shorter on average.

Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, launched the news on his Twitter account:


You may no longer need a ticket to travel on the London Underground in the near future. Cubic Transportation Systems, the US company behind London’s Oyster card for public transport, has announced it is working on new technology for its ticketing systems.

The company plans to use facial recognition, palm vein scanning and object tracking to allow people to get through quicker and avoid the bottleneck of rush hour.

The company said they have also created a prototype gateless system, which uses an object tracking system to track passengers as they walk through. They hope to trial it in a UK system within a year.


This week, YouTube announced a whole new set of updates to help advertisers target audiences more effectively and measure their success in driving both online and offline sales.

One of the new tools is called Custom Affinity Audiences, which allows advertisers to segment audiences based on intention by analysing their search history and mobile app downloads.

Diya Jolly, Director of Product Management, announced their new way of measuring the impact of advertisers’ campaigns. She said: “We’re rolling out a new, global approach to measuring sales lift with Nielsen MPA. This geo-based solution offers a fast, media-agnostic way to determine which online ads drive offline sales.”


A new set of sky filters have been released by Snapchat this week as it celebrates its sixth birthday. The filters detect sky in images and allow users to choose from various sky options, including sunsets and rainbows. The filters are available on both iOS and Android.


A video of a toddler stealing Prince Harry’s popcorn at the Invictus Games has gone viral this week. The video was taken at the UK vs Denmark volleyball game on Wednesday, and the little girl in question was two-year-old Emily Henson, daughter of paralympian David Henson. Watch the video below.

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