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7 Master’s Degrees with a Challenging Outlook

To get a master’s degree is usually a decision made by undergraduates students who want to focus on one particular area of a subject and become specialists. Compared to the undergraduate degrees, master’s degrees can be shorter, more flexible, cheaper but also more intense and faster.

There are different types of master’s degrees, but the most popular are the Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSc) or Master of Business Administration (MBA). Based on the jobs outlook statistics, they are ranked in a list for best and worst master’s degrees every year. Using sophisticated software, the rankings are based on several statistics such as early-career pay, mid-career pay, pay growth, job satisfaction, job stress, job meaning, and job-market projections from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Since the list of the best degrees is almost the same as last year, Market Inspector has decided to look into the master’s degrees for jobs that have the most challenging outlooks in 2017. What might come as a surprise is the degree on the top of the list. The graduates in Graphic Design seem to have the lowest job satisfaction and a very low rate of employment projection. Which means that not only they are have low levels of happiness at their workplace but the job opportunities are not going to increase much in the next years. Following is the interior design, a sector with the lowest employment projection rate and a low job meaning. Although the pastoral ministry representatives and the librarians are having high satisfaction rates, their level of stress is divergently high. Other less-valuable master degrees represented in the infographic include early childhood education, writing, and human services.

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Every single job comes with challenges that employees can find exciting or difficult to the extent of frustration. While writers have to deal with so called the writer’s block, the pastors have to be perfect all the time as society expects them to be. As the holders of the master degrees with the least advantages, the graphic designers, have the highest challenges in balancing their thinking with their clients’ requirements.

If you have one of the master’s degrees mentioned in this top, don’t worry. Market Inspector has a list with ways on how you can boost your career potential.

This article and infographic first appeared on and was republished with the kind permission of its author, Viorela Metesan.

  1. Maxim

    Is it worth getting a Masters degree?
    I was determined to get a masters degree during my undergrad years, however after I got my bachelors degree with ton of loans to pay off I changed my mind. I got a job right after college luckily in this economy few years ago. I know of so many classmates who ended up jobless. In fact, some of them ended up going to grad school which did not really helped them other than more tuition to pay off. I was motivated at some point in life on getting my masters, however after working in the business world, I realized that the amount of money an employee apparently makes with a bachelors degree is same as person with the masters.