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What is Innovation?

Innovation management refers to a process of promoting innovation strategies in organizations to plan, organize, manage, and control various ideas for internal and external innovation from social media like networks and communities. Innovation management solutions focus on adding value to customers, employees and others. The innovative ideas, experience, and knowledge sharing not only results in value addition to organizations but also brings a sense of engagement among employees and customers of organizations, thereby promoting a culture of efficiency, workplace innovation, and continuous improvement. In addition, organizations make use of crowdsourcing techniques to share, collaborate, evaluate, prioritize, find, and carry out advancements in the innovation management solutions.

The deployment of innovation management solutions helps enterprises in boosting their business operations. One of the key challenges faced by the innovation management market is evaluating feasibility and practicability of the ideas proposed by employees, partners, and consumers of different organizations. The innovation management platforms need to have advanced search options to differentiate between the best possible ideas that can be implemented in an enterprise.

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Joseph Jeannin

Joseph Jeannin

An innovation strategist helping companies with open innovation software, demand generation, cyber-scouting, crowdsourcing, technical challenges, data mining, data management and innovation in general, while protecting their valuable intellectual property and freedom to operate.