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This Week in Digital – 28st April 2017


Luxury brand Balenciaga has launched a new, oversized blue bag, which has striking similarities to an IKEA shopping bag. Taking the copycat behaviour in good humour, IKEA released an amusing advert this week with tips to help people identify the difference between the two bags to ensure they have an IKEA ‘original’. The main difference is the hefty price tag with the Balenciaga version costing £1,670! The comparison and IKEA’s advert have had a great response on Twitter – well played, IKEA!



Pressure is continuing to grow on social media channels to tackle ‘fake news’. The announcement of a general election on 8th June has this week led to MP Damian Collins urging Facebook to tackle fake news as it threatens the integrity of democracy. Damian Collins said: “The danger is, if for many people the main source of news is Facebook and if the news they get on Facebook is mostly fake news, they could be voting based on lies.” So far this year, Facebook has updated its software to stop fake news appearing in its ‘trending topics’ section and pushed a guide on its channel to help users to spot fake news. According to the Guardian, advertising on Facebook is expected to account for the largest advertising spend for the main three political parties in preparation for the election, showing the importance of the channel in influencing political views.


RhinoSudan is the last male of his species. The northern white rhino is almost extinct and, in an effort to raise awareness of the issue, Ol Pejeta Conservancy and Tinder launched a joint campaign. They have created a Tinder profile for the rhino with an option for users to donate when they swipe right on the profile. The clever profile reads: ‘”I don’t mean to be too forward, but the fate of my species literally depends on me. I perform well under pressure… 6ft (183cm) tall and 5,000lb (2,268kg) if it matters.” The aim of the campaign is to raise money to develop vitro fertilisation for rhinos, which has never been done before, after attempts to naturally mate Sudan with the last two female northern white rhinos have so far failed. Good luck, Sudan!


Channel 4 has announced this week they are launching an interactive VoD format that enables adverts to have audio personalised with users’ names. Data will be used from Channel 4’s viewer database, which has over 15 million registered users, to insert names into All 4 advertisements. Launching partners Foster’s, 20th Century Fox and Ronseal will be the first brands to use the service with all of them launching personalised adverts on All 4 this month. Take a look at the Alien advert example below…


Facebook has confirmed it is testing a new feature to allow businesses to use videos instead of cover images at the top of their pages. The aim is to help businesses to drive engagement and provide a richer experience for their audiences. A Twitter user was the first to spot the change after it was used on a page for Netflix Pablo Escobar drama Narcos. Watch the video below to see it in action!

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